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The Aggie Recruiter

way back before any of us set foot on the aggie campus i saw an aerial photo of it. it was in a large wooden case carried by the aggie recruiter, Mr. Pavao. i'm sure you remember him. big jolly guy, shoe polish black hair. well he came into my 8th grade classroom at Dominican Academy with his big aerial photo. none of the other girls were real impressed, but i was. anyway, the best part of that presentation was as he walked down the aisle to the front of the room, he whacked one of the girls in the head with that big heavy wooden frame. it was great, i almost had a heart attack trying to keep myself from rolling on the floor laughing. all mr. pavao did that day was apologize, talk a lottle, and sweat. but i was hooked. i was determined to go to Bristol County Agricultural High School. later that year i had my interview with mr. pavao, i was glad to see him again. i thought he was great, and he was very nice to me. a few weeks after that i got my acceptance letter from mr. schaeffer. i still have it.
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