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My First Entry

ok meme, here we go. i'm not gonna start off big because i do have studing to get too. but i suppose i'll start with the earliest Aggie memory. the summer of 1998. we were naive little 8th grade graduates waiting nervously to take our placement exams. waiting in the hall near the front door i sat with my arms crossed, wearing all black with my hair tied up in a bun. i had my stupidlittle mini bacpack purse with me. i looked across the hall and saw a girl who looked like she might be portuguese and had blonde hair. i thought, well that cant possibly be her natural hair color (no offense hun) some one with skin that color doesnt have light blonde hair. i remember you were talking to this skinny little mouse looking thing (we know her as amy nunes) i also remember seeing alex and thinking, that sweater is much too small for her, and it is showing off her gut. i remember schaeffer gave us gum. i took mine out to the parking lot and handed it to my mom. she opted to wait for me to finish rather than come back later and pick me up. she told me i should go talk to someone. i ended up talking to patty. next to the big tree out in the driveway. though at that time she went by the name tricia (i thought it was odd later durong the school year when everyone started calling her patty cuz i knew she had told me her name was tricia. i thought i was really confused, turned out kids at school just all of a sudden decided to call her patty. which i think is good, cuz it suited her better.) anyway, i went back in and finished the test. and thats pretty much all i can remember about that day. wow that was longer than i thought. gotta go study now
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