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Health Class

i decided today i would talk about health class with Mr. J. its one of the quicker topics i have. i do have tons more topics but they might take awhile.

anyway, freshman health class... where to begin... lets start with the fact that it was sex ed. that was just an issue in itself. our class was probably the most immature to ever go through that school. our lovely nick decided to take advantage of the nature of the class to try and satisfy his curiosity. he asked mr. J. "why is pubic hair curly?" isnt that a lovely question. i don't think mr. j ever did answer that question.

another fun time with a portuguese fellow was when i insulted scott mota before class. i dont remember what i said, but it must have made him cranky. it was before anyone else had come into the class and he decided to chase me around the room with a stapler from the teachers desk. it was interesting. i'm not sure what he would have actually done if he caught up to me. would he have merely hit me with it, or actually tried to staple me? i guess we'll never know

another lovely portuguese class mate was one josh medieros. that kid was worse than his brother. as i'm sure you remember, he sat next to me. and behind samantha of all people. they thought pen fighting was a good idea. i'm pretty sure i still have a few scars on my arm from those. mostly from sam. she was vicious. another type of horseplay involved bottles of water. apparently water fights were also a good pastime. they were very interesting. i think it bugged the teachers though. but we had fun. then of course there were you guys insisting to me that josh liked me. which i seriously doubt. he could have had almost anyone in our grade, why would he have wanted me. what i never told you guys, though i'm pretty sure you knew, no matter how much i denied it. i did have a crush on him. though i think that might be because he actually paid attention to me. not because of any real affection i had for him.

i thnk thats really all the important aspects of freshman health class. it taught me a good lesson. always try to avoid being in a sex ed class with two many portuguese guys from fall river.
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