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Summer 1998

My testing day, hrm lemme think about it. I remember Amy slept over my house the night before, but that was no big thing because she spent the entire summer at my house. My mom told me not to go looking like a shlub, so I put on a pair a jeans and a white tank top, just for the sake of having one even though my blonde hair was to short to tie back, I brought a scrunchi too.

Schaffer was there passing out gum and he'd remembered from my interview that I liked volleyball and mentioned I should try out. I thought that was really nice of him. Then it was time to get to work. I was fairly certain I'd be put in retard level everything, luckily I must have done well since freshmen I had the same scedual as the person that would turn out to be a validictorian.

At break Amy and I hooked up with Candice and Liz Greenlee, they were cool then. On the way out the door we noticed short girl in black with a greeen purse and white scrunchi in her hair. Amy delcared 'Snot'. I did my normal smile and nod and we walked outside. I then made a comment about the other short girl in the too small pink sweater. I had no clue you guys would at some point become real close friends to me.

We (Amy, Candice, Liz and I) were going to walk to the museum but only got halkway there before Mr. Schaffer called us back, bummer. So we all agreed to meet outside by the flagpole on the first day and go in to together. Which didn't happen.
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