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Getting Started 1998

I had my interview with Schaffer and I was sooo nervous. I didn't even know interviews were that day. My school had had so many people applying that they'd broken them into two. I was in the second group. I was just lucky enough that in middle school I dressed sort of preppy most of the time. So when they called me to the office, I looked decent in jeans and a light blue sweater. I even had my hair pulled up in a butterfly clip. Gag me. I remember telling Schaffer the reason I wanted to go to Aggie was for the freedom. They wait listed in the beginning and I was pissed cuz they excpeted Amy and I got better grades then her. So 4th term I worked twice as hard as ever and my honor roll. I even got a B in math, which you know I'm terrible at. I recieved my letter over Summer vacation and was soooo excited.
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